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Team Based Tools

CandyBit is built with a marketing team or agency in mind. With unique user profiles, your team can collaborate on social creatives and project schedules.

Social Media Management
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Client Communication

Your client is at the center of your campaign. Create strong customer relationships with CandyBit’s client collaboration tools empowering them with project reviews and approvals.

Platform Scheduling

Schedule your posts ahead of time on all the major social platforms. Review your schedule on your very own custom content calendar and collaborate with your team and clients.

Collaborative Scheduling.

Intuitive social media management dashboard.

Whether you’re working with a large team or a client, our Content Calendar tool allows invited members to collaborate on your schedule while still letting you remain in control.

Our Mission

Democratize social power by creating & distributing FREE software, tools, data and analytics with AI simple enough for anyone to use. Distributing the future for all.

Looking for a feature?

Candybit Social wants to hear from you on what you want in a social marketing management tool. Reach out to us and let us know about your feature wishlist!

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